Plotter Components

Personal Support System

There's nothing worse than talking to someone on the phone who doesn't understand you or your situation. That's why Nick personally offers customer support to those who purchase his products. Whether you have a simple question, or need more specific help, you will always speak to the expert who built your product. No hoping you speak to someone who has experience. Speak to Nick and get the right answer the first time.

A Perfect Fit for Your Machine.

We proudly offer easy to install loading systems for your plotters. The time and dedication that has gone into designing each system ensures that the pieces fit together like a puzzle.


State of the Art

Our shop uses modern equipment and keen, intellectual contemplating and critiquing to provide outstanding products that last a lifetime.

Invest Time for Quality.

Get to know us!

In addition to our hand-crafted Film and Vinyl Loaders we also manufacture tint tools, such as the Fusion Handle Line and Orange Crush Blade. Our tint shop is an authorized dealer for Panorama Films, Solar Control Films, and Solar Gard Films.

What We Offer

Plotter Components was founded in 1997 by Nicholas Antonovich. As a small tint shop owner with a few hand-crafted tools for sale, Nick still runs his tint shop and manufactures many tools. As a business owner he understands your needs and concerns. 

Currently he is still located in within 10 minutes of downtown St. Louis, Missouri and the business is continuing to expand to meet clientele demand.

Nick dedicates his time and energy into making everything about his tools perfect. From the first cut to last clip.

About Our Company